Anthro beings of Sirius


sarrgog: I'm sorry for the bad translation, I'm just using a translator. May 18, 2024 0:26:14 GMT
sarrgog: I wish I had a translator, from the world of the Mass Effect. May 18, 2024 0:26:42 GMT *
sarrgog: I wanted to ask, how does your program work in general, does it send a silent sound or something else? And do I need any third-party equipment? May 18, 2024 0:31:26 GMT
sarrgog: I'm sorry, the translation is crooked again. May 18, 2024 0:32:18 GMT
sarrgog: It’s just that the description says that he repeats the words of affirmations, but when can the effect of them occur? May 18, 2024 0:35:15 GMT
sarrgog: Thanks in advance for any answer you may have. May 18, 2024 0:35:46 GMT
reden: The program transmits quantum energy through your words. You don't need third-party equipment. You can use AI like ChatGPT to translate better. May 18, 2024 0:47:28 GMT
sarrgog: Hello, I have a question again about charging sigils, how long do they need to be charged for them to work? And I also launched the intention of a photo of the sigil, and my photo to check and indicate where the sigil needs to work. May 30, 2024 9:33:01 GMT
sarrgog: And one more thing: does anyone know what tones or rhythms are used for feminization? I just have a lot of different subs downloaded, since there is an opinion that YouTube is somehow weakening them. May 30, 2024 9:35:21 GMT
hunnybunny: Hi, I thought I would share this interesting website that I came across regarding intentions: May 31, 2024 12:02:41 GMT
reden: : Sigils as a particular image, it can be 10 minutes-1 hour or more, it strikes me that they can absorb more. As a concept, drawing the same sigil anywhere, they can absorb even more energy. May 31, 2024 17:15:06 GMT
AnthroHeart: Thank you. It looks interesting. Jun 1, 2024 14:19:09 GMT
AnthroHeart: I have felt energy from a sigil without even charging it, just from the intention put into creating it. Jun 9, 2024 6:27:52 GMT
newtothis: Hello everyone! Jul 9, 2024 11:39:12 GMT
newtothis: Is it possible to increase my laptop's hardware through intent? Jul 9, 2024 11:40:04 GMT
reden: You can optimize its processing, but I am not too sure what that actually does. Jul 9, 2024 20:55:41 GMT
AnthroHeart: one person said they stopped their fan with Repeater that kept turning on. I think they were trying to cool their processor or something with Repeater. Jul 11, 2024 11:54:05 GMT *
newtothis: alright Jul 12, 2024 6:27:13 GMT
newtothis: on another note, is it possible to keep a hacker away from my computer (I installed a virus by accident) through intent? If so, what intent should i use? Jul 12, 2024 6:29:54 GMT
AnthroHeart: it might be best to reinstall Windows if you can't clear the virus. Depending on the virus it can allow a hacker to do a lot. Jul 12, 2024 15:48:44 GMT
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